Frequently Ask Questions
General Questions
  1. What is The One Job Placement Network?

    The One Job Placement Network is an online portal that provides employment services to The One Academy's graduates, alumni members and potential employers within the advertising and creative industry, absolutely free of charge.

  2. How can The One Job Placement Network benefit me?

    This online portal is tailor made to serve as an interaction platform for its graduates and alumni members. Through its messaging system in the Alumni Mall, members are able to keep in touch with each other no matter where they may be. As for potential employers, you are able to head-hunt suitable creative candidates for your company's man power growth.

  3. I am a student of The One Academy, how do I register as a Graduate/Alumni member?

    All you need is to be a graduate of The One Academy, you will receive an email notification on the account activation. If you are former student who graduated long time ago, please register in Alumni Mall by clicking here.

  4. I am an employer currently head-hunting for potential young creative talents. How do I sign up?

    For employers who are actively looking for potential young creative talents from the academy, all you need to do is to register here. You will be required to furnish us with details of your business establishments and send us relevant company registration documents as a proof.

    Upon successful registration, the Student Services Department will notify you. Access to the Employer Mall would then be granted.

  5. I am facing difficulties in registering myself as a Employer Mall's member. Please help.

    You are required to report this malfunction to us here. The portal administrator will immediately rectify it.

  6. How long does my membership last?

    Membership of Employer Mall would last for twelve (12) months from the time of registration. Whereby, membership of Graduate Mall would only for four (4) months from the time of registration. However, the validity for Alumni Mall would be six (6) months from time of registration.

  7. What do I need to do before / after the expiration of my membership?

    For Graduate Mall members, you will receive an auto-generated reminder from the portal a month before the expiry of your membership. The reminder will prompt you to upgrade your membership to Alumni Mall. Once responded, your membership status will be upgraded to Alumni Mall member.

    If the portal does not receive any response from you, the second reminder would be send to you two weeks prior to membership expiration. Any inactive account will automatically be disabled. Should you need to activate your membership, you would need to contact the portal administrator.

    For Alumni Mall members, your membership to this mall will last for six (6) months. You will receive a notice prompting you to update your profile a (1) month before your membership expires. The second reminder will be sent to you two (2) weeks later. If the network still does not hear from you after both notices, you account will be disabled. At this point, you would be required to re-register with the portal.

    For Employer Mall members, you will be given a twelve (12) months membership. After each successful registration, you will be notified of your username and password.

    During the membership period, you are required to feedback to the portal on matters pertaining to the overall operation of the network, the quality of the graduates that you may have hired and any comments or suggestions for improvement.

    A month prior to the membership expiration, you will be prompted by the auto-generated reminder to either update your company profile or to feedback to us. If the portal does not hear from you, another reminder will be generated two weeks before membership expiration date. Any inactive accounts will be automatically disabled after the two reminders. Employers that wish to re-activate their accounts would need the assistance from The One Academy’s Student Services Department.

Technical Questions
  1. Is it necessary that I should email my company's profile after registration with the mall?

    For record and safety purposes, it is compulsory for all employers to provide us with details of their companies and send to We would verify the validity of the information provided. Once the process is completed, your membership to the employer mall would be approved.

  2. Would I be able to amend my company details after registration?

    Unfortunately, amendments cannot to be done online. You may contact us for assistance.

  3. I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

    Click on 'Forget My password' located below login. Key in your email address in the required space and submit the details. The system will automatically generate a new password and you would be notified via email.